When using an eSea®System you can land your catches not only weighed but also graded, boxed and labeled, ready for sale. The system includes software creating catch reports, with logging, in compliance with EU fishing control regulations. A revolution for the professionals daily operations. Today’s strict requirements for traceability, efficiency and profitability are now possible to live up to – in an easy-to-use and cost effective way.

Fish species and grading

You select the species from a list. The list can be updated at any time, by using the built-in Ethernet connection, switching manually between different lists. In this way, you will be using effective short-lists.

Clever solutions

Operating the system at sea is easy. The buttons are designed to be operated using gloves and the printing labels are feed out of a stainless steel enclosure, making it easy to remove the label after each print.

Durable for long and stormy rides

The system is robust and durable for all harsh and wet conditions, even after long-time use. The scale does not need re-calibration and tilt and movements of the sea does not affect the weighing. It is also compensated for gravitational changes, which means that the ship can go long distances with same high accuracy.

Safely catch reporting

All weighing data are automatically transferred to a computer via network into a catch report. You can always be sure that your data is saved. If your connection is broken all your weighing data will be saved and eSea®System ensures that these data are reported as soon as reconnection takes place – automatically!

eSea®System allows you to focus on operations rather than on reporting!


Rugged IP67
Labels Weight
Fish species
Communication Ethernet, connect to existing network
Catch report Software included for printing or exporting of catch report
Catch logging When Ethernet network is not available, all weighing data will be stored in the controller unit until a new connection is detected.
Approved weighing In compliance to directive 2009/23/EC. Very stable and accurate so no give-away or just-to-make-sure-fish needed.


Watch the system in action