Detailed specifications

Model U14512 U14513 U14515 U14516
Platform size (mm) 286×345 350×350 348×415 500×600
Max Graduation
3 kg 2kg/2g 3kg/5g  –  –
10 kg 5kg/5g 10kg/10g
15 kg 10kg/10g 15kg/20g
30 kg 20kg/20g 30kg/50g  –
70 kg 50kg/50g 70kg/100g  –
150 kg 50kg/50g 100kg/100g 150kg/200g  –
Other platform sizes, capacities and graduations can be provided
230VAC (standard)
Internal battery
Column mount  –
Rubber mat
Rubber feet for secure mount
Controller with or without printer
Label printer
Report software
Upgrade to eSea®System
Type approval (EC or Russian certificate)